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Online catalogues

Various online catalogues are available to help with your search of archival materials and library stocks. Here you will find direct links to the catalogues for our holdings and the holdings of other archives and libraries.

Archive catalogue

The available holdings are recorded in our online inventory and a search can be made here. The database contains around half a million entries.
You can start individual searches in the online inventory and compile lists. In addition to paper documents such as public deeds and charters, thousands of photographs, maps and plans can be downloaded.

  • Online inventory

  • Instructions for searching the online inventory

Library catalogue

You will find library stocks in the research portal «swisscovery Bern special libraries». You can use the Advanced Search function to limit your search to our library «Bern State Archive».

Catalogues for other archives

  • The Burgerbibliothek Bern is the public archive of Bern’s citizens’ commune (Bürgergemeinde), which contains archive holdings, a graphics collection and mediaeval manuscripts.

  • You will find archival materials relating to the City of Bern in the online archive catalogue for the Bern City Archive.
    Archive catalogue for the Bern City Archive

  • The Swiss Federal Archives have holdings relating to the Swiss Confederation.
    Swiss Federal Archives

  • With the Swiss archive portal Archives Online, you can search for a keyword in the archive catalogues of several Swiss archives at the same time.

  • The «Mémoires d'Ici» Foundation in Saint-Imier is a research and documentation centre dedicated to the Bernese Jura which has five collections (private archives, image archives, audio-visual holdings, a library and documentation).
    Mémoires d'Ici

Catalogues for other libraries

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