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Family coats of arms

A large selection of coats of arms of families with their place of origin in the canton of Bern can be searched for and retrieved from our online data base at no cost.

Do you want to know if your coat of arms is part of our collection? Click on the letter that your name begins with and you will be directed to the different coats of arms.

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We do not accept any liability for the information found in the State Archive’s collection of family coats of arms. Coats of arms cannot be officially registered and are not legally protected.

If you do not want to print your coat of arms from our online inventory yourself, we can offer you a reproduction

If you require the coat of arms of a family from Bern’s «Burgergemeinde» please directly contact to the Burgerbibliothek or consult the following publication: Weber, Berchtold (2003). Wappenbuch der Burgergemeinde Bern. Bern, Burgerbibliothek Bern (in the reading room: StAB LS HIL 4 WEB).

Johann Ulrich Fisch’s Amorial from 1622. Illustration of six coats of arms.
Johann Ulrich Fisch’s Amorial, 1622 (DQ 891)
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